It has been too long since I last updated this blog. I have been consumed with completing my senior political science thesis (albeit several months late) entitled: “The Ascension of the Greek Far-right under Austerity Crisis (2010-2013)” or something like that. It was the toughest project I ever encountered in my life. Honestly, the project would have benefited from an additional week or two of further analysis. I realize that I am not fit for academia. But I do hope to read more works by scholars in the field of post-industrialism now that I have more time. One of these is Daniel Bell and Nathan Glazer. They were also past graduates of my soon to be alma mater, City College (NY).

The delay of my thesis inadvertently caused the delay of my graduation, unfortunately. So, in the meantime while I’m waiting for my diploma (hopefully, will be graduating in June). I’ll be working on my writing and hopefully will try to procure an internship in the meantime.



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