The Luxury of Being Yourself


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Having come across the horrific events of the sad and all too uncommon occurrences of gang-rape in India, I was moved to write an article about it. Watching the events unfold as revealed by Indian media and television, it just became really personal.  Not because I had ever experienced anything like that. But the fact that, this was a common everyday affair had haunted me.

While walking in midtown yesterday, I came across a slogan “the luxury of being yourself”. I looked and this was the advertising slogan for a hotel chain. How appropriate, I thought. Hyphen Magazine did a write up on this, September 2011. It made me question the fairness, that one entire gender has to cover up and literally, cannot be themselves because of the fear that they may not live to see another day? Part of this, is due to the unbalanced male-female ratio.


Growing up, I had a pretty carefree childhood. As all children do, recreational activities such as climbing trees, or playing freezer tag and cops-and-robbers with friends were literally games in which you pretended to be someone else. You were afforded the opportunity to assume a different character. But I think this event taught me that girls, in some societies aren’t able to express themselves fully.  Seems really unfair.


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